Preserve Liverpool’s Musical Legacy: Support ‘It’s Not Just a Pipe Dream’

‘It’s Not Just a Pipe Dream,’ is a fundraising campaign aimed at restoring the Organ Willis and addressing essential maintenance in St George’s Hall.

In a world increasingly dominated by AI-curated music playlists, digital soundtracks, and streaming platforms, it’s easy to neglect original instruments like St George’s Hall’s Willis Organ. With its impressive 7,737 pipes, it stands as the third largest of its kind in the country, serving as a profound testament to innovation and musical excellence dating back to 1855. However, instruments of this calibre require meticulous attention and care, and the Willis Organ is no exception. Without restoration, Liverpool risks losing a significant part of its historical identity and cultural legacy.The last restoration works on the organ took place over  fifty years ago and now we urgently need your support!

Your contributions will directly fund the meticulous restoration efforts overseen by St George’s Hall Charitable Trust. Every donation will be allocated to five critical areas requiring attention: the console and control gear, main soundboards and chests, key and stop actions, wind system, and the pipes themselves.

By supporting our campaign, you’re preserving a magnificent piece of musical heritage for future generations to enjoy and cherish.

We believe in full transparency of all activities involved in the repair and preservation of the Willis Organ and have detailed the costs associated with the project in the document here: Its Not Just a Pipe Dream

Join us in safeguarding this iconic symbol of Liverpool’s musical legacy at St George’s Hall.

You can donate here.